Wood Fired Oven Sizes

You get to pick the oven that fits your location

DIY Wood Fired Ovens supplies kits made by Alfresco Wood Fired Ovens and Sydney Woodfire Ovens and there are two different models for the Alfresco Ovens so we have sizes to suit the spot you have set aside for your oven.

a diy wood fired oven built into an outdoor kitchen

Here are the basic dimensions of original range of Alresco Wood Fired Ovens and their latest Wildfire range.

These measurements will help you choose the right wood fired oven that will fit the area you have for an oven and also fit with the amount of food you want to cook in it at the same time.

Specifications for each of the Wildfire models is shown below.

To get a clear idea of the differences between the original model and the Wildfire model please call us on 0421 775 090

Alfresco original wood fired oven sizes

Courtyard Model

Overall size

950mm wide

1050mm tall

Cooking area

700mm wide

900mm deep

Click here for the Wildfire Courtyard model specifications

Midi Model

Overall size

1100mm wide

1200mm tall

Cooking area

830mm wide

1050mm deep

Click here for the Wildfire Midi model specifications

Original Model

Overall size

1400mm wide

1500mm tall

Cooking area

1050mm wide

1300mm deep

Click here for the Wildfire Original model specifications

Click here for a PDF that will give you the sizes for the original Alfresco wood fired ovens.